TubaChristmas Westminster, MD

December 3rd, 2022

We're holding the inaugural TubaChristmas Westminster (Maryland) event on December 3rd, 2022

Where:   In front of the Westminster branch of the Carroll County Public Library (yes, the authorities have OK'd this!

When: Performance time is 1-2PM.  

Rehearsal:  Check-in and Rehearsal will be at the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster, 71 E. Main St.,  Enter thru the door at the REAR (into their gymnasium) - this entry faces the Parking Garage.  See the Rehearsal page for more info! (NOTE: The address on the TubaChristmas.com web site is incorrect as of this writing - it points a few doors down. )

How to participate:

If you're planning to perform, please pre-register via the Google Form.  This helps us plan space and materials.  On-site registration will be available, and all payment will be done on-site. 

What to Bring: Bring a stand if you need one. Leave cases and such in your vehicle. We will NOT be coming back to the Club after the performance. Bring your music book if you have it - we have limited copies available on-site for purchase.  

Cost? The event is free to watch! There's a modest $10 participation fee if you're going to play. This helps sustain the Harvey Phillips Foundation*, which makes these events possible.   Payment for registration and merchandise may be made via CASH, Debit/Credit, or Cheque (Make cheques payable to TUBACHRISTMAS-HPF - must have address+phone on cheque)

Music: Like all TubaChristmas events, we will be performing selections from "Carols for a Merry Tubachristmas". Please, no photocopies!  A limited number of books will be available at registration ($20 standard, $25 large-format). If you need a book, please indicate so on the form!  You can also order it directly from the TubaChristmas organization via mail-order (see their Merchandise page)

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TUBACHRISTMAS concerts are presented with permission from the Harvey Phillips Foundation, Inc.

* The Harvey Phillips Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit that created, and has made TubaChristmas possible since 1974